Gimpo Salter Soccer Field Artificial Grass Stadium Lighting Construction Completed

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We completed the installation of lighting towers and high-power sports LED floodlights at Salter Soccer Field, an artificial turf stadium located in Gimpo.

This is the site where lighting work was completed on the existing natural turf field and lighting work for the soccer field was completed.

During the on-site verification, the lighting design needed a careful review as the residential facilities were located not far away and there were areas where animals and plants were expected to inhabit.

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Lighting design was carried out by verifying and designing the illuminance leaking to the surroundings through lighting simulation and applying it to the field.

At the site, a high-power LED floodlight for sports was installed in a 21m lighting tower, and a visor was installed to block the illuminance from leaking out.

Contact a sports lighting company specializing in lighting design to prevent complaints by completely blocking light pollution leaking to the surroundings.

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Post time: Aug-25-2022

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