This is K-COB

We are well aware of how important the reliability of the light source is to a LED light's stability. And what makes our LED light outstanding from competitors is the key component--- the K-COB chip.

What is K-COB?

K-COB is a unique LED packaging pattern- by replacing the regular organic material such as epoxy/silicone which commonly used in white LEDs with self-developed phosphor ceramic (or ceramic phosphor converter) !




It's the phosphor ceramic for LED application;

Phosphor ceramic has much lower thermal resistance comparing to the molding of epoxy and silicone;

Hard surface, impact proof and good resistance for temperature&humidity change.



Why Choose K-COB?


smile    Problems Of Silicone/Epoxy


Thermal degradation Either silicone or epoxy are not able to dissipate the heat fast enough.
It's resulted in phosphor degradation&failed.
Discoloration at High temp Discoloration happened after long-time endurance of high temp.
Corrosion Corrosion happened when moisture&PH changing occurs.

smile    Advantage Of KCOB



Superior reliability Patented “dual channel heatsinking”.The heat disspate from PCB&ceramic cover via sapphire;
Higher light density Light density of KCOB could be 30% higher than regular COB.
Lumen intensity Ceramic never age and degradation. All KCOB series is LM-80 certificated.

*Patented “dual channel heatsinking”.


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