Phosphor Ceramic 6500k cri 90 led lights Source 1200W XY-L75 SERIES


High power with small LES (light-emitting size), perfect option for long range lighting;

Good heat dissipation: unique combination of Copper PCB&phosphor ceramic,guarantee the thermal performance;

Good reliability: resistance to force impact, temperature, humidity and PH change

color temperature led:2700k led,leds 3000k;leds 4000k,6000k lighting,

LM-80 Passed

Suitable for high power lighting fixtures, such as sports light, search light, TV&film light ect.

Product Detail


Item No.

Rated Power(W)

Forward Voltage Vf(V)

Rated Currency IF(mA)

Max Input currency(mA)


Color Temperature(K)

Efficiency Im/w

Based on 70ra









Brand: K-COB

Rated Power: 1200w

Forward voltage:333v

Rated currency: 3600mA



Temperature Color: Warm White (3000~3500K), Cool White (6000~6500K)

1000w cob led chip

We use special laser ceramic(patented)as core packing material, and packaging with our exclusive 3D packaging pattern: using particular sapphire as sustainment&heat conductive path.


Advantages of Laser-ceramic:

  • One of the main advantages of the laser ceramic is a high heat conductivity rate: 13.367W/m.k, 75 times of traditional phosphorous powder (YAG05+sil1018).
  • Small lattice spacing and near single molecule  structure will bring less lumen loss and higher reliability;
  • Hard surface, impact-proof, and also good resistance to temperature& acidity, and alkalinity change.

Advantages of Laser-ceramic


1200W 95 Ra COB               99(75)mm KCOB led chips size

*Size & Circuit is customizable based on the requirement


*Size & Circuit is customizable based on the requirement

K-COB (Maximum power for single chip could reach 1600w)
K-COB LED arrays provide the industry’s best lumen density and efficacy for metal-based chip-on-board (COB) LEDs in industry-compatible footprints and LES sizes. This COB family features an innovative exclusive patent phosphor ceramic technology as well as dual heat-sink technology to deliver higher reliability and output than competing products. The K-COB LED arrays include 10 LEDs across three (9.8 mm, 14.5 mm and 22 mm) LES sizes with standard color options of 70, 80 and 90 CRI. Premium color options that include high fidelity (98 CRI) and specialty color points are available to deliver color quality without compromise in efficacy, lumen density, color consistency and reliability.

The K-COB Series is a comprehensive range of metal-based COBs available in various LES, CRI, CCT, efficacy, and drive current options. The heat could be radiating from both PCB directly and laser ceramic surface by sapphire.
This dual heatsinking structure allow us make COB at smaller size but higher wattage and better reliability.
The Phosphor ceramic is the high heat conductivity rate: 13.367W/m.k, 75 times of traditional phosphorus powder (YAG 05+sil1018), which ensures excellent lumen maintenance and color stability even in high lumen applications. Tight color binning ensures fixture-to-fixture uniformity. A 97 CRI (90 R9) version is available for color-critical applications.

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