Super Bright Boat-mounted lighting 500w strong light wharf marine searchlight


Exclusive phosphor ceramic COB light source, provide high central light intensity& directivity, guarantee the system performance;

High center illuminance, long lighting distance;

Instant on/off, interval flashing available;

Shock and corrosion resistance, suitable for offshore works;

Light decay less than 5% after 3 Years working;

Waterproof :IP65

Product Detail

What to consider when choosing marine searchlights (halogen searchlights, led searchlights, xenon marine searchlights)?

Marine Searchlights are used and needed for various purposes in maritime industries. They are used for navigation purposes, for example, to identify routes and ship buoys. They also support the search for missing people at sea and allow dangers such as icebergs to be detected at an early stage. A searchlight is a crucial piece of equipment on any commercial vessel that operates at night.

The marine searchlights for using onboard ships, and sometimes offshore platforms, work in the most extreme conditions at sea, How harsh environments are marine searchlights working in? The marine Searchlights are normally placed on the top of the cab, and installed in the middle of the ship or in front of the starboard. This requests the marine searchlights with a high IP level for outdoors, Small wind resistance. If crossing the equator, the temperature range should be at “-44°to + 55°. If there is extreme weather condition (hurricane, heavy rain, heavy fog), requests the marine searchlights could work for a long time and with Strong fog permeability to increase security by eliminating blind spots and aid the crew members to ensure safe navigation.

Comparison of various searchlight parameters

ContentList Products Warm-up time Brightness&working distance Glare IP level CCT The average lifetime of lamps Light decay, lifespan, maintenance Lighting time Safty problem Operating temperature: Weight(kg)

Traditional Tungsten

halogen searchlight 1200w

15-20 minutes restart slowly

Minimum B.A is 5°, low output brightness

Lighting distance: 2km


Low glare IP56 3000k/5700k 1,000 hrs

Fast lumen decay and the bulb get damaged easily and frequent maintenance is required

Can't be lit up for a long time(within 2 hours) Risk of burns! Never touch the searchlight without protection while it is in use.The temperature of the casing can be up to180°C. – 50°C - + 50°C 90kgs
2 k-Cob 500w led searchlights Instant on/off Beam angle: 5°,Low energy consumption.Brightness: 4,500,000cd 

Lighting distance: 3.5km


Low glare IP65 2200-6500K(Lower CCT Optional, with Strong fog permeability) The average lifespan of searching lamps up to 30,000 hrs Free maintenance No limit No UV, no high temperature -44°to + 55° 33kgs



K-COB is a unique LED packaging pattern -- by using exclusive laser ceramic to replace traditional silicone and phosphor,

this brand new generation LED light source brings better reliability and extremely low lumen decay.


Item No. Power Input Voltage CCT CRI Central brightness(cd) Lighting distance Beam Angle
SC300 300W AC90~305V 3000~6000K 70/80/90ra 2,500,000cd 2KM
SC500 500W AC90~305V 3000~6000K 70/80/90ra 4,500,000cd 3KM


Item No. Lx 100m Lx 500m Lx 1000m Lx 2000m Lx 2500m Lx 3000m
SC300 250 10 2.5 0.625 N/A N/A
SC500 450 18 4.5 1.125 0.72 0.5



***The pics above showed the central illuminance of 500w searching light. The distance is 100m. The central illuminance is 407.85lx. (412-4.15), almost same as our calculation.

Model SC400 Searching light
Model SC400 Searching light
Model SC400 Searching light

K-COB LED Phosphor ceramic searchlights are suitable for all ocean-going and inland-waterway vessels - typical examples being merchant vessels, tugs, fishing boats along with Defence, coastal monitors, Search & Rescue.

Dimension Drawing

Model: SC300


Net Weight: 30kg

Model: SC500


Net Weight: 33kg

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