Outdoor tennis court lighting 600w 1000w Beam Angle 15° 30°


Total glare free: small size COB light source combination with visor of professional asymmetrical design,no visual discomfort for players;

Delicate distribution: replaceable inner reflector with 3 types of visor, provide the most delicated lighting solution for different types of stadium;

Maintainance free: top grade external LED driver with phosphor ceramic COB light source, guarantee the lamp performance within’ LED lifespan;

High lumen output: up to 125lm/w lamp efficiency,high cost-effectiveness;

Product Detail


1. KCOB lighting system saves electricity and running costs.
Taking 6 hours of use per day, the electricity bill is 1.0 RMB per kilowatt-hour as an example:

Lighting type K-COB STADIUM LIGHTS Traditional lamps
Power 500w 1500w
Daily electricity consumption(kw/h) 500*6/1000=3kw.h 1500*6/1000=9kw.h
Electricity bill per lamp per day(RMB) 3*1.0=3rmb 9*1.0=3rmb
Electricity bill per lamp yearly(RMB) 365days*3=1095rmb 365days*9=3285rmb
Annual savings in electricity bills per lamp(RMB) 3285-1095=2190rmb

If 100 pcs of sports lights are installed on a site, the annual electricity bill can be saved as 2190*100=219000 RMB, it almost can save $34488 per year.

2. Cost-effective and high performance option

1)30% cost savings compared to other similar lighting systems;

2)Compared with ordinary LED lamps, the light source utilization rate is increased by 25.6%;

3)KCOB Lighting System saves you more money than other similar lighting equipment on the premise of obtaining the same illuminance level;

3. Minimising glare to increase the playing experience

1)Single optic system makes sure more light&energy is centralized in the target area;

2) Compared with other SMD sports light, KCOB light structure reduces spilled light effectively;

3)Professional light distribution design with minimal glare and spill to the neighboring residences;

4)K-COB stadium lights SPLA friendly fitting ideal for projects nearby residential areas with specific light regulations, with low light pollution ULOR 0%

4. Constant illumination level

1)The illumination level and uniformity remain constant for 10,000 hours (customized by customers), providing customers with quality and quantity of lighting;

There is no attenuation process from initial illuminance to maintaining illuminance, thus reducing the need for additional equipment;

Project cost savings, reducing the number of lamps and power supply requirements;

5. Professional light distribution system

Point-by-point light distribution system, outstanding energy-saving effect;

High-strength shell material and high-reliability structural design greatly reduce the failure rate of lamps

Multiple options for effective light distribution to get the precise light distribution

6. High color rendering system, restore the true beauty of the stadium

As we all know, color rendering affects the quality of visibility in terms of how realistic colors look under artificial lighting, taking daylight as a reference;

Most new sports lighting fixtures that use LED luminaires will today have a CRI of 70, which is higher than the EN norm stipulates. CRI in the 80 to 90 range are observed mainly during televised sports events.)




K-COB is a unique LED packaging pattern -- by using exclusive Phosphor ceramic to replace traditional silicone and phosphor,
this brand new generation LED light source brings better reliability and extremly low lumen decay.


Item No. Power Input Voltage CCT CRI Lumen Efficacy Beam Angle
SPLA600 600W AC126 ~ 528V 2200~ 6500K 70~85ra 6600lm 110~130lm/w 15°,25°,etc
SPLA1000 1000W AC126 ~ 528V 2200~ 6500K 70~85ra 11000lm 105~125lm/w 15°,25°,etc
SPLA1200 1200W AC126 ~ 528V 2200~ 6500K 70~85ra 132000lm 100~120lm/w 15°,25°,etc

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The way to ensure that you devise the best possible solution for your situation is to make sure that all those stakeholders are communicating with each other as much as possible.

Your project is unique and each sector has different requirements. For example, sporting associations usually have a lighting level known as 'the average horizontal illumination level' which is measured in lux and these can differ enormously between a 'training level' and a 'national level'.

HIGH POWER LED K-COB STADIUM LIGHTS-SPLA SERIES 600-1200W is optimized for customers requiring a LED solution for expressway, freeway interchanges, sports fields, airports and other large area applications. The modern design incorporates the big heat sink for heat transfer to prolong LED life. This reliable LED Sports Lighting has a 80,000-hour design life, significantly reducing maintenance needs and expense over the life of the fixture. This efficient solution lowers energy consumption compared to traditional HID fixture for additional operating cost savings.

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