K-COB promote LED packaging technology revolution


At present, the global LED industry uses fluorescent glue as the main packaging material, but the relevant patents are all owned by foreign enterprises such as Nippon Chemical. It is difficult for the domestic LED industry to break through the patent barrier if it wants to develop and grow.

n view of this, Fujian Institute of Physical Structure of Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed YAG transparent fluorescent ceramic white high-power LED packaging technology with ceramics as the material, and has broken through the 1000WCOB light source packaging technology (K-COB). The industrialization has been successfully realized through Fujian Zhongkexin Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongkexin). On July 14, the reporter of China Light network in the K-COB technology media exchange meeting went into Fujian Zhongke core source to have an in-depth understanding of this technology.


Fujian Zhongkexin Source was established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Physical Structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Fujian Enterprise and Entrepreneur Federation. As the only LED technology transfer base and industrialization platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Physical Structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences), it has the core technology of LED ceramic packaging. It makes Chinese LED enterprises have the technical advantage to compete with OSram, Philips and other international famous enterprises, which is the revolutionary technical breakthrough of LED industry.


Transparent fluorescent ceramic instead of fluorescent glue

"The first ceramic sheet was sintered in 2009, and soon achieved the world's highest optical efficiency of 261lm/w. On this basis, in order to industrialize the technology, in 2013, the Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences combined with private capital to establish ZhongKSI, which is specialized in the industrialization research of fluorescent ceramics.

Ceramic and fluorescent materials for comparison, ceramic is organic materials, with high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal impact resistance and other characteristics; Traditional fluorescent glue is poor thermal conductivity, easy to aging, leading to LED light failure, or even dead light. Therefore, ceramic materials replace the traditional fluorescent glue, as LED packaging materials, under the same conditions, can make LED products with high stability and reliability.

And the Chinese Academy of Sciences WuGouSuo fluorescent independent research and development of transparent ceramics, from ceramic sintering equipment, highly confidential formula, unique packaging technology, from formulation to packaging equipment, the whole chain technology completely independent intellectual property rights, patent protection and global patent layout implementation accordingly, let China LED industry breakthrough of foreign patent blockade, Greatly reduce LED production costs, improve international competitiveness.


The most prominent feature of transparent fluorescent ceramic material is that it can realize high-power density packaging. "Due to the bottleneck of traditional fluorescent adhesive material, LED high-power lighting is generally difficult to manage heat and packaging material failure. At present, the maximum power of LED point light source can only be 200W when used stably and reliably in the market. Therefore, although LED has entered the field of household lighting on a large scale in recent years, it cannot replace the traditional high-power market such as square lighting and industrial lighting. Scic broke through the bottleneck of high-power application of COB light source and subvert the limit of kilowatt-level COB technology through transparent fluorescent ceramic materials.


In 2015, the penetration rate of LED in the industrial lighting market was 16.2%, far lower than that of other lighting markets. There is a wide market for high-power LED lighting over 300W to replace traditional lighting over 1000W. If high-power LED lighting products are used to replace traditional lighting market, electricity consumption and carbon emissions will be significantly reduced, and the average electricity saving rate is about 70%. Lamps and lanterns daily maintenance cost will also be reduced, will bring huge economic and social benefits.

Jiang HAIYANG OF STYLIST OF NATIONAL ILLUMINANT OF FIRST CLASS ALSO EXPRESSES IN EXCHANGE MEETING, THE FUTURE TREND OF OUTDOOR ILLUMINANT LAMPS AND LANTERNS IS SMALL VOLUME CERTAINLY, HIGH-POWER, GO ON THE ROAD OF LAMPS AND LANTERNS AND BUILDING INTEGRATION THOROUGHLY. Although both at home and abroad are in the exploration stage, and CSMIC is the first enterprise to realize the packaging of ten million COB technology in China, the market prospect of LED high-power lighting is very broad.

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