High-Performance CAS CERAMIC K-COB 1000W LED Stadium Lights

Stadium lighting is pivotal, elevating visibility, safety, and the overall spectator experience in sports events, concerts, and diverse outdoor activities. Step into the realm of superior illumination offered by CAS CERAMIC K-COB 1000W LED Stadium Lights. These state-of-the-art lights are poised to transform your lighting solutions, boasting remarkable performance and energy efficiency.

Key Features

Wattage and Brightness

These lights are powered by a formidable 1000W, casting an impressive brilliance that ensures optimal stadium illumination. Achieving up to 130lm/w lamp efficiency, these lights are synonymous with exceptional cost-effectiveness. Their radiant brightness elevates the overall viewing experience, ensuring that every detail remains visible, even during nighttime events.


A proprietary marvel, constructed from lightweight 6063 aluminum (weighing less than 18kg, including the bracket), these lights are ideal for working at height. Diverging from the flat, modular LED floodlights saturating the market, this product pays homage to the iconic metal halide lamps of yesteryears. It incorporates the most advanced LED light source, the phosphor ceramic COB. Not only is it rust-proof, but it also boasts an IP65 rating, safeguarding it against the elements.

Durability and Longevity

CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights are engineered for endurance. Their robust construction and high-quality materials empower them to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and the vagaries of weather. This enduring quality diminishes the need for frequent replacements, translating into time and cost savings.

Energy Efficiency

In an age marked by mounting environmental consciousness and escalating energy expenses, these LED stadium lights shine as emblems of energy efficiency. They consume significantly less electricity compared to conventional stadium lighting, culminating in substantial long-term cost savings. This not only bolsters the stadium’s financial viability but also mitigates its carbon footprint.

Customization Options

Recognizing the distinctive lighting requisites of diverse venues, CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights offer a spectrum of customization options. From adjustable beam angles and color temperatures to dimming capabilities and control systems, these lights can be tailored to harmonize with the unique needs of your stadium or event location.


Harnessing the potential of CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights for stadium illumination yields a plethora of compelling advantages:

Improved Visibility

Empowered by a real single optical system comprising a single 1200W COB, mirror aluminum reflector, and three types of visors to accommodate varying lighting distances, this design maximizes control over spilling light. It centralizes the output light within the projected area, minimizing glare. The ultra-low glare level and high uniformity offered by SPLC are ideal for HDTV broadcasting.

Energy Cost Savings

CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights, known for their exceptional energy efficiency, curtail the electricity consumption of your stadium significantly. This translates into substantial, long-term cost savings, reinforcing your financial resources while aligning with sustainability objectives.

Reduced Maintenance

Thanks to their durability and longevity, these lights demand minimal maintenance. This translates to fewer disruptions and expenditures related to bulb replacements or lighting maintenance. Your stadium can stay focused on its core mission – hosting events.

Environmentally Friendly

With their energy efficiency and diminished maintenance requirements, CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights contribute to a more sustainable environment. They generate fewer carbon emissions and waste, making them an environmentally conscious lighting solution.


CAS CERAMIC K-COB 1000W LED Stadium Lights present a versatile lighting solution, applicable across diverse scenarios:

Led Sports Lighting Fixtures

Stadiums and Sports Arenas

These lights are meticulously designed for the illumination of expansive sports venues, encompassing football stadiums, baseball fields, basketball courts, and athletic tracks. Their exceptional luminosity ensures superior visibility, heightening the experience for athletes and spectators alike.

Outdoor Event Venues

From open-air concerts to vibrant festivals and other outdoor gatherings, CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights prove to be a reliable choice. Their unwavering performance and energy efficiency enhance the ambiance and security of outdoor events, elevating the overall experience.

Large Industrial Facilities

The robust endurance and longevity of these lights render them well-suited for vast industrial spaces, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and logistics centers. They offer ample illumination to support productivity and ensure safety within these dynamic environments.

Parking Lots and Beyond

The versatility of CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights extends to the illumination of parking lots, enhancing safety and accessibility. Their energy efficiency contributes to long-term cost savings, making them an optimal choice for both commercial and public parking areas. Furthermore, their adaptability allows them to be applied to a wide range of outdoor spaces, ensuring adequate illumination wherever needed.

Technical Specifications

Dive into the comprehensive technical specifications of CAS CERAMIC K-COB 1000W LED Stadium Lights:

Wattage, Lumens, and Color Temperature:

Wattage: These lights are rated at 1000W, delivering robust and brilliant illumination.

Lumens: With an impressive luminous efficacy, they yield a high lumen output, guaranteeing superb lighting.

Color Temperature: The lights offer a spectrum of color temperature options to cater to various applications and preferences, spanning from warm to cool white. They are equipped with a phosphor ceramic light source, accompanied by heat pipes and top-grade drivers, making them the epitome of LED football lights.

Operating Voltage and Frequency

Operating Voltage: CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights are engineered to function within a specified voltage range, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical systems.

Frequency: These lights are constructed to accommodate the typical frequency of the region where they are installed.

Mounting Options

These lights present versatile mounting choices, including pole mounts, wall mounts, and ceiling mounts. This adaptability facilitates customized installation, catering to the specific requirements of each application.

IP Rating for Weather Resistance

CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights hold an IP65 rating, affirming their resilience against challenging weather conditions. They are capable of withstanding exposure to rain, wind, and various environmental factors, rendering them ideal for outdoor applications.

Light Up Your Sports Field with CAS CERAMIC K-COB 1000W LED Stadium Lights!

CAS CERAMIC K-COB 1000W LED Stadium Lights epitomize high-performance lighting. Their remarkable brightness, energy efficiency, and versatility enhance visibility while promoting sustainability. Whether illuminating stadiums, event venues, industrial spaces, or parking lots, these lights represent the forefront of innovative illumination, reshaping our world. Embrace CAS CERAMIC K-COB lights to immerse your surroundings in the brilliance of tomorrow, available today.

Post time: Nov-10-2023

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