Radiant Illumination Factory: Crafting Stadium Lights at CAS Ceramic

CAS Ceramic, an innovative LED manufacturer rooted in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializes in advanced lighting technology. The company is renowned for developing the K-COB, a cutting-edge phosphor ceramic COB LED chip, underpinned by exclusive patented technologies. This pioneering product underscores CAS Ceramics commitment to engineering excellence and technological leadership in the global lighting industry. Turning our attention to stadium lighting, its importance cannot be overstated. Effective stadium lighting enhances visibility, ensuring safety and improving the overall spectator experience. It also plays a crucial role in broadcasting, where optimal lighting conditions are vital for high-quality telecasts. As sports events continue to attract global audiences, the demand for advanced lighting solutions like those offered by CAS Ceramic becomes increasingly critical.

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Understanding Stadium Lighting Requirements

Overview of the Different Types of Stadiums and Their Lighting Needs

Stadiums vary widely, from compact arenas for local sports to vast structures designed for international events. Each type demands a unique lighting setup tailored to its architecture and purpose. Small stadiums might need basic, functional lighting, while larger venues require high-intensity solutions to cover the extensive playing fields and seating areas.

Factors Influencing Stadium Lighting Requirements

Several factors determine the specific lighting needs of a stadium. The size of the venue is a primary considerationlarger stadiums require more powerful lighting to adequately illuminate the field and spectator areas. The type of sport being played also affects lighting; for instance, cricket and baseball need targeted lighting to track fast-moving balls. Additionally, broadcasting requirements dictate high-quality lighting to ensure that action is clearly visible on television without glare or shadows.

Regulatory Standards and Guidelines for Stadium Lighting

Lighting standards for stadiums are governed by various sports federations and local safety regulations. These guidelines ensure that lighting is safe, consistent, and fair for all participants. They typically specify minimum brightness levels, uniformity of illumination, and color rendering to facilitate optimal viewing conditions for both live and TV audiences.

Introducing CAS Ceramic’s Stadium Lights

Overview of CAS Ceramic’s Expertise in Lighting Technology

CAS Ceramic leverages its profound expertise in phosphor ceramic technology to produce the SPLC series, a high-power LED fixture designed specifically for sports lighting. This series incorporates a private mold with a single 1600W phosphor ceramic COB, enhanced by a high efficacy reflector and a custom dual heat pipe heatsink. These components are patent listed in China, Korea, Japan, and the USA, highlighting CAS Ceramic’s commitment to global innovation standards.

Introduction to CAS Ceramic’s Range of Stadium Lighting Products

CAS Ceramic offers a versatile range of stadium lighting solutions, including 600W, 1000W, and 1200W fixtures tailored for sports venues. These are particularly suited for baseball field lighting and are designed to integrate seamlessly into arena settings.

Unique Features and Advantages of CAS Ceramic’s Stadium Lights

CAS Ceramics stadium lights stand out with several distinctive features:

  •  Compact Structure & Light Weight: Each 1200W lamp weighs only 14 kg (excluding bracket and driver), facilitating easy installation at heights.
  •  Glare Prevention: The φ75mm single K-COB light source, combined with a visor featuring a professional asymmetrical design, significantly reduces visual discomfort for players and spectators alike.
  •  High Lumen Output: The lights boast up to 130 lm/w lamp efficiency, offering high cost-effectiveness.
  •  Good Reliability: The robust design includes a phosphor ceramic light source with a heatpipe and top-grade drivers, ensuring reliable performance under various conditions.

Key Features of CAS Ceramic’s Stadium Lights

High Efficiency LED Technology

The SPLC series is equipped with phosphor ceramic COB technology, which stands out for its superior light quality and efficiency. This technology allows for better control of the light with less spillage, ensuring that the light is directed exactly where it is needed on the field. Unlike the large, flat, modular LED floodlights commonly found in the market, SPLC lights retain a classic appearance reminiscent of metal halide lamps, paying homage to the timeless design favored in historical sports events. Moreover, these lights incorporate the advanced phosphor ceramic COB LED technology, ensuring top-tier lighting performance.

Customizable Lighting Solutions

CAS Ceramic has set a benchmark in stadium lighting with its SPLC series, which merges traditional aesthetics with modern technology. The SPLC lights, crafted from 6063 aluminum, are notable for their lightweight design, weighing less than 18kg including the bracket, making installation at great heights much easier. CAS Ceramic understands that no two venues are the same and offers customizable lighting solutions to meet the specific needs of various stadiums. Whether it’s adjusting the beam angle or tailoring the light intensity, CAS Ceramic can configure their lighting systems to suit any sporting environment.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Durability is paramount in outdoor stadium lighting. The SPLC series is designed to withstand the elements, being both rust-proof and IP65 rated. This ensures that the lights can endure all weather conditions without degradation in performance.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Energy efficiency is a significant advantage of the SPLC series. The use of high-efficiency LEDs not only reduces the energy consumption but also significantly cuts down on maintenance costs due to their long lifespan compared to traditional lighting systems.

Environmental Sustainability

The SPLC series contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing energy consumption and minimizing light pollution. This eco-friendly approach aligns with global efforts to lower carbon footprints in large-scale infrastructures like stadiums.

Projects and Success Stories


CAS Ceramic’s stadium lights have been successfully implemented in diverse sports facilities, enhancing visibility and performance. In Mexico, an outdoor badminton court now shines under 18 pieces of KCOB-HMA 300W, providing optimal lighting for both players and spectators. Similarly, the basketball court at Chongqing University in China has been upgraded with 24 pieces of SPLC 600W, creating an ideal environment for high-level collegiate basketball games. These installations showcase CAS Ceramic’s ability to tailor lighting solutions to different sports settings, significantly improving the experience and safety of sports activities.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Clients of CAS Ceramic have shared enthusiastic feedback about the impact of the SPLC stadium lights. One stadium manager noted, “The clarity and brightness of the SPLC lights have transformed our nighttime games, significantly enhancing both player performance and spectator experience.” Another client, a facilities director from a university sports complex, remarked, “Since installing CAS Ceramic’s lights, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in our energy bills and maintenance costs, all while receiving accolades from teams and fans alike for the superb lighting quality.” These testimonials underscore the transformative effects of CAS Ceramics innovative lighting solutions.

Quantifiable Results and Improvements After Installing CAS Ceramic’s Lights

Facilities report up to a 70% reduction in energy costs after transitioning to CAS Ceramic’s LED systems, alongside noticeable improvements in light quality and coverage.

stadium lights factory

Technical Specifications and Options

Detailed Specifications of CAS Ceramic’s Stadium Lights

  •  SPLC 600: 600W power, input voltage of AC180528V, color temperature range from 22006500K, CRI of 70~90ra, and lumen output of 72,000lm. Beam angles available include 15°, 22°, and 25°.
  •  SPLC 1000: 1000W power, similar input voltage and color temperature, CRI of 7090ra, with a lumen output of 120,000lm and an efficacy of 120130lm/w.
  •  SPLC 1200: 1200W power, featuring all the specs of the 1000W model but with a lumen output of 144,000lm.

Options for Mounting, Control Systems, and Accessories

CAS Ceramic offers various mounting options, advanced control systems for dimming and focusing, and compatible accessories to enhance functionality and adaptability.

Compatibility with Existing Stadium Infrastructure and Electrical Systems

The SPLC series is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructural and electrical setups in most stadiums, ensuring easy upgrades or replacements without significant infrastructural changes.

Closing Words

CAS Ceramic’s innovative approach to stadium lighting, leveraging the advanced technology of phosphor ceramic COB LEDs, is reshaping the landscape of sports facilities worldwide. From enhancing player performance with superior visibility to ensuring spectator satisfaction and reducing environmental impact, CAS Ceramic’s products offer a comprehensive solution. The transformative effects of their lighting systems are evident in the substantial energy savings, increased durability, and positive feedback from numerous sports venues, including the examples in Mexico and China. As the demand for high-quality, sustainable lighting solutions grows, CAS Ceramic continues to lead the way, demonstrating the pivotal role of cutting-edge technology in advancing the global sports industry.

Post time: May-23-2024

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