KCOB LED Illumination at Great Park Sports Complex

The Great Park Sports Complex, distinguished by its cutting-edge amenities that accommodate a vast array of sports, symbolizes sporting prowess. In such venues, optimal lighting is essential not only to boost athlete performance and ensure safety but also to offer spectators a vivid viewing experience. This is where K-COB LED technology comes into play, introducing a revolutionary approach to lighting sports facilities. Diverging from conventional LED lights, K-COB LEDs feature an innovative packaging design that replaces traditional organic materials such as epoxy or silicone with a novel phosphor ceramic. This advancement not only elevates the longevity and quality of light but also markedly increases energy efficiency, positioning K-COB LED technology as a pivotal innovation for venues like the Great Park Sports Complex.


Improving Visibility and Safety

The foremost aim is to elevate the visibility levels throughout the Great Park Sports Complex, guaranteeing that athletes have the ideal conditions for peak performance. Prioritizing safety, enhanced illumination minimizes the chances of accidents and injuries, benefiting players and fans alike and fostering a secure setting for all.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility

The adoption of K-COB LED technology is targeted to significantly boost the complex’s energy efficiency. Transitioning from less effective lighting to this cutting-edge solution is expected to cut down on energy use and, as a result, diminish the environmental footprint of the facility. This move is in line with wider ecological objectives, paving the way toward a greener future for sporting venues.

Upgrading the Overall Experience

The key goal is to provide an unmatched experience for everyone at the Great Park Sports Complex. Athletes will benefit from better lighting, which translates to improved conditions for competition and practice. Spectators will enjoy a clearer and more vibrant view of events, making their time at the complex more memorable. The shift to K-COB LED technology stands to significantly improve visitation quality, positioning the complex as a top choice for sports fans.

Technical Specifications of KCOB LED Lights

Description of KCOB LED Technology

KCOB LED technology represents a leap forward in high-power lighting solutions, particularly designed for sports lighting. The SPLC series is a testament to this innovation, featuring a private mold with a Single 1600w Phosphor Ceramic COB (Chip on Board), a high-efficacy reflector, and a customized dual heat pipe heatsink. This technology is patented in China, Korea, Japan, and the USA, making it a unique solution for illuminating large stadiums, including golf resorts, soccer fields, basketball stadiums, rugby pitches, and baseball courts.

Advantages of KCOB LEDs Over Traditional LEDs

The SPLC series boasts a real single optical system, which includes a single 1200w COB paired with a mirror aluminum reflector and three types of visors for different lighting distances. This design reduces light spill and concentrates the output light solely on the targeted area. Its ultra-low glare level and high uniformity make it suitable for HDTV broadcasting, offering a stark improvement over traditional LED and metal halide lighting solutions. The SPLC’s design pays homage to the classic look of metal halide lamps while incorporating modern phosphor ceramic COB technology, ensuring a lightweight (<18kg, including bracket) and rust-proof structure with an IP65 rating for outdoor durability.

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Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Features

  •  Dual Heatsinking Channel for KCOB

The self-invented phosphor ceramic packaging of the KCOB allows for a dual heatsinking channel. This innovative design offers an additional 40% heatsinking space and improves heat conductivity by 30%, thanks to the dual-path dissipation through the PCB and the phosphor ceramic cover.

  •  Dual Heatpipe Heatsink

To address the intense heat generated by the centralizing 1200w, Φ75mm LED Chip, KCOB engineers developed a heatsink featuring an innovative dual-layer Heatpipe. This design minimizes the contact area between Fins and pipes and enhances heat dissipation through a reversed 360° Air Vent, transforming the aluminum body into a highly efficient heat conductor. This allows the heatsink to be both compact and lightweight, contributing to the SPLC’s discreet and elegant appearance.

These technical specifications highlight how KCOB LED lights stand out not just for their superior lighting capabilities but also for their innovative approach to heat management, energy efficiency, and sustainability, making them an ideal choice for modern sports lighting needs.


Enhanced Visibility and Safety

The implementation of KCOB LED technology at sports facilities dramatically increases visibility, ensuring that every corner of the playing field is well-lit. This not only enhances the performance of athletes by allowing them to see clearly and react faster but also significantly improves safety for both participants and spectators by reducing the risk of accidents due to poor lighting conditions.

Energy Savings and Environmental Impact

KCOB LED lights are designed for high efficiency, consuming substantially less energy than traditional lighting solutions. This reduction in energy use directly translates to lower carbon emissions, making a positive impact on the environment. Sports complexes utilizing KCOB LED technology contribute to a greener planet by adopting sustainable practices.

Long-term Cost Savings

Although the initial investment in KCOB LED technology might be higher than that of traditional lighting systems, the long-term savings are considerable. These come in the form of reduced energy bills, lower maintenance costs due to the longer lifespan of LED lights, and the need for fewer replacements over time. These savings make KCOB LEDs a financially wise choice for any sports complex.

Improved Athlete and Spectator Experience

The superior lighting quality provided by KCOB LEDs enhances the overall experience for athletes and spectators. Athletes benefit from better visibility, which can improve their performance, while spectators enjoy a clearer view of the action, making their visit to the sports complex more enjoyable and engaging.

Case Studies/Examples

Comparison of Performance Before and After Installation


  •  Fixture Quantity: KCOB-SPLC600w*30pcs
  •  Mast Height: 18m/Ground
  •  Specifications: Long visor, Beam Angles 25°,30°

Before the installation of KCOB-SPLC600w fixtures, the tennis courts at Seoul National University suffered from uneven lighting, which affected both the performance of the athletes and the viewing experience of the spectators. The old lighting system also consumed a significant amount of energy, leading to high operational costs.

After the upgrade to KCOB LED technology, the courts are now evenly lit, enhancing visibility and safety. The focused beam angles and long visors of the KCOB-SPLC fixtures ensure that light is directed precisely where it is needed, minimizing light spill and glare.

Feedback from Athletes, Coaches, and Spectators

The feedback from users of the facility has been overwhelmingly positive. Athletes appreciate the improved visibility, which has led to better performance and a safer playing environment. Coaches can now conduct training sessions more effectively, while spectators enjoy a clearer view of the matches. The glare reduction has also been specifically praised, making the viewing experience much more comfortable, especially during night matches.

Quantifiable Improvements

Transitioning to KCOB LED lighting has resulted in significant energy savings for Seoul National University’s tennis courts. The energy consumption of the lighting system has been reduced by approximately 40%, leading to substantial cost savings in terms of utility bills. Additionally, the longer lifespan of KCOB LEDs compared to traditional lighting solutions has decreased maintenance costs and the frequency of replacements, further contributing to the long-term financial benefits of the upgrade.

In Closing

The adoption of KCOB LED lighting at the Great Park Sports Complex represents a transformative step in the evolution of sports lighting. By introducing this cutting-edge technology, the complex not only boosts visibility and safety for everyone on site but also advances toward greater energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The significant savings in costs over time, combined with the enhanced experiences for both athletes and fans, highlight the substantial benefits of investing in KCOB LEDs. This project elevates the Great Park Sports Complex to a leadership position in sports venue illumination, showcasing a strong dedication to both excellence and eco-consciousness. Its success provides a powerful model for sports facilities around the globe, illustrating the impactful role of KCOB LED lighting in the future of sports infrastructure.

Post time: Mar-13-2024

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