Is it necessary to achieve panchromatic temperature adjustment for classroom lighting?

According to GB40070-2021 "Health Requirements for Prevention and Control of Myopia in School Supplies for Children and Adolescents", the color temperature of lighting fixtures is 3300-5300K.

The market generally adopts 5000K, of course, there are also local requirements of 4000K. We randomly selected 305 classroom lamp samples in 2022, 93% of which had a color temperature of 5000K, and about 7% of which had a color temperature of 4000K.

At present, the use of intelligent illuminance adjustable and constant illuminance function in the classroom is more often used, and the requirements for the display are also from the general display requirements to the special display R1 and R15. The main indicators of classroom lighting fixtures, "light efficiency and general indication", have also been achieved from double 85 in 2020 to double 95 in 2021 and double 97 in 2022.

So, it is difficult to achieve 3300-5300K panchromatic temperature adjustable? Is it necessary? Is there a need? From the local standards in Henan Province, intelligent dimming products need to achieve all color temperature adjustable.

In fact, color temperature not only gives people visual feelings, but also gives people indirect emotional feelings of body temperature. Simply put, to simulate the change of daylight, not only the change of illumination, also need to change the color temperature. Therefore, before the realization of energy technology in the field of many invisible light, visible light prevention and control of myopia full-segment color temperature products, chasing daylight technology is worth promoting.


However, the cost of light source and power source is obviously to increase a lot.

Conditional classroom, why not try to adjust the color temperature of the full section of eye light.


Sometimes sound is an audible color and color is a visible sound...


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