Case Location: Santo domingo, D.R;.

At the beginning of 2022, our customer installed 150w K-COB LED TUNNEL LIGHTS for a tunnel with a total length of 2KM in the Dominican Republic, with a total number of 565 lights. Today, the customer is very happy to give us feedback from the actual situation from the Dominican country. Feedback, the whole tunnel is brightly lit, which makes people feel very safe! The following are real videos and pictures taken by netizens from this tunnel.


You may be curious, the lamp used in this tunnel is a 150W tunnel lamp from K-COB. The whole lamp adopts fluorescent ceramic light source developed by K-cob patented technology and self-developed dual-channel heat dissipation technology. The lamp body is made of private die-casting aluminum, with compact structure and stylish appearance. The power supply adopts the world's top brand Infinet to ensure the safety of the power supply of the lamp body. High boron glass lens is used to achieve scientific light distribution, the light efficiency is as high as 110lm/w, and the color temperature is 6000K, which perfectly restores the traffic flow inside the tunnel and ensures driving safety.

What's is tunnel lighting?

As the name implies, tunnel lights are used in tunnels, which can be anti-corrosion, dust-proof, moisture-proof and explosion-proof. They have high requirements for tunnel lighting. There are many types of tunnel lights: LED tunnel lights, sodium lamp tunnel lights, electrodeless tunnel lights, and fluorescent tunnel lights. If the material is distinguished, there are aluminum die-casting tunnel lights, aluminum profile tunnel lights, and the layout of the tunnel lights in the tunnel also plays a crucial role. The black hole effect of the entrance section will cause glare to the driver, which will affect the driving field of vision. Therefore, the lighting value of the entrance section is very important. At present, tunnel lights are everywhere, and humans can no longer live without tunnel lights. After all, as long as there are mountains, there are tunnel lights.



Power: 100~300w/ CCT: 2200k~6500k /Beam angle: 60°,90°,120°/Application: streetlight,tunnel.,ect



Power: 100~300w/ CCT: 2200k~6500k /Beam angle: 60°,90°,120°/Application: streetlight,tunnel.,ect



Power: 100~300w /CCT: 2200k~6500k/ Beam angle: 60°,90°,120° / Application: streetlight,tunnel,park lot,warehouse,workshop.,ect

What are the advantages of LED tunnel lights?

1. Safety, environmental protection, no pollution
Traditional tunnel lamps contain a large amount of mercury vapor, which will evaporate into the atmosphere if broken. However, LED fluorescent tunnel lights do not use mercury at all, and LED tunnel lights do not contain lead, which protects the environment. The working voltage of LED tunnel lights is low, mostly 1.4-3V; the working current of ordinary LEDs is only 10mA, and the ultra-high brightness is only 1A. LED tunnel lights do not add "mercury" in the production process, do not need to be inflated, do not need glass shells, have good impact resistance, good shock resistance, not easy to break, easy to transport, very environmentally friendly, and known as "green energy".
2. Efficient conversion to reduce heat generation
Traditional lamps and tunnel lamps will generate a lot of heat energy, while LED tunnel lamps convert all electrical energy into light energy without wasting energy.
3. Quiet and comfortable, no noise
LED tunnel lights do not produce noise, and are the best choice for occasions where precision electronic instruments are used. Suitable for libraries, offices, research rooms and other occasions.
4, the light is soft, protect the eyes
Traditional tunnel lamps use alternating current, so there will be 100-120 strobes per second. LED tunnel lighting directly converts alternating current into direct current without flickering and protects eyes.
5. No UV rays, no mosquitoes
LED tunnel lamps do not generate ultraviolet rays, so there will not be many mosquitoes around the light source like traditional tunnel lamps. The interior will become more clean and tidy.
6. Voltage adjustable 80V-265V
Traditional tunnel lamps are lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier and cannot be lit when the voltage drops. The LED tunnel lamps can be lit within a certain range of voltage, and the brightness can be adjusted.
7. Save energy and have a longer life
The LED tunnel light is small in size and light in weight, and the shell is encapsulated by epoxy resin, which not only protects the internal chip, but also has the ability to transmit light and concentrate light. The service life of LED is generally between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. Because LED is a semiconductor device, even frequent switching will not affect the service life.
8. Sturdy and reliable, long-term use
The LED tunnel light itself is made of epoxy resin instead of traditional glass, which is more sturdy and reliable. Even if it is hit on the floor, the LED tunnel light will not be easily damaged and can be used with confidence.

Technical requirements for LED lights for tunnels

1) Light source
Luminous efficiency (including power supply) ≥90lm/W; overall luminous decay: 6000 hours luminous flux maintenance rate not less than 99%, 12000 hours luminous flux maintenance rate not less than 97%. (Provide the test report issued by the National Lamp Quality Inspection Center for lamps with the same heat dissipation structure) · Lamp life: not less than 50000h. (Provide the test report issued by the National Lamp Quality Supervision and Inspection Center).
(2) Power supply
The system power supply uses internationally renowned brand products, and it is not allowed to affect the safety and reliability of the entire power drive system due to the performance degradation of individual components, resulting in damage and failure of the non-chip itself. Input voltage: AC170V ~ 264V. Working frequency: 50Hz±2. Power factor (PF): ≥0.95. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): ≤20%. Power efficiency: ≥88%. Working environment temperature: -40℃~50℃; DC0-5V dimming, 0V corresponds to the maximum brightness, 5V corresponds to the minimum measurement, and the middle shows an inverse linear relationship. Control terminal input resistance: ≥5MΩ. Insulation resistance: greater than 100MΩ, wet insulation resistance is not less than 5MΩ. Power supply life ≥ 30000h. With overcurrent, overheating, short circuit protection functions. Can prevent switch shock. The current difference between channels: ≤±3%.
(3) Whole light
LED tunnel light products have obtained the China Energy-saving Product Certification (6000 hours of testing, issued by the National Lighting Quality Certification Center), of which the color rendering index is ≥70. Color temperature: The color temperature of tunnel lamps requires 4000K. The lamp body and lampshade material: The lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity, and the lampshade is made of tempered ultra-white lead-free glass. The surface of the housing is treated with anti-corrosion treatment such as anodizing. The structure is compact and beautiful, and the protection level reaches the IP65 standard. Good dust performance. Working environment temperature range: -30C°ta≥50℃ Corrosion resistance of lamp shell: Class II whole light effect: ≥90lm/W. Type of protection against electric shock: Class I. Wiring method: single-phase three-wire system. Electrical performance: Class I. The optics should have an anti-glare function and should adopt the form of a combined condenser or reflector. Others: The dismantled appliances should be handled by the tunnel management department and used as spare parts.
(4) Lamp performance
The performance of tunnel lighting lamps meets the conditions: the protection level is not lower than IP65. Anti-glare device with characteristics suitable for road tunnels. Light sources and accessories are easy to replace. Lamp parts have good anti-corrosion properties. The lamp installation angle is easy to adjust. The efficiency of gas discharge lamps should not be less than 70%, and the power factor should not be less than 0.85. The power factor of LED tunnel lamps should not be less than 0.95.


1. Fixed point: According to the requirements of the design drawings and the situation of the junction box of the pre-buried lamps, the fixed point is carried out on the spot, and the position of the junction box is required to be found, and the junction box is cleaned out, and then the position of the box is marked and fixed.

2. Understand the implementation plan of the ceiling, make detailed construction and install the lamps, and then carry out the construction of the ceiling, which can ensure the beautiful and strict combination of the lamps and the ceiling

3. Fixing of lamps: At the fixed position, according to the size of the installation holes of the lamps purchased, make expansion bolts on the top of the tunnel lamp, and the position of the expansion bolts must be accurate, so as not to cause trouble and inconvenience to the installation.

4. Strictly carry out construction according to the design drawings, accurately distinguish the line connection of daylights and day and night lights, strive for success in one installation, and avoid the waste of secondary construction.

How to install tunnel lights?


If the LED tunnel light uses glass, it must be tempered glass. Tempered glass/Reinforced glass Glass with compressive stress on the surface. Also known as tempered glass.

Tempered glass has the following characteristics:
When the glass is damaged by external force, the fragments will be broken into small particles with obtuse angles similar to honeycomb, which is not easy to cause serious harm to the human body.
2.high strength
The impact strength of tempered glass with the same thickness is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass, and the bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass.
3.Thermal stability
Tempered glass has good thermal stability and can withstand a temperature difference three times that of ordinary glass, and can withstand a temperature difference of 300°C.
A major feature of tempered glass is that it is broken into pieces, and it is a burr, which is not easy to cut.

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