Brilliant Illumination: CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights

Introducing the CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights, your pathway to exceptional illumination and energy efficiency. Harness the potential of state-of-the-art technology to illuminate expansive spaces while conserving energy.

Features and Benefits

Brightness and Efficiency

Exceptional Brightness: CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights stand out with their exceptional brightness, ensuring your space is brilliantly illuminated.

Revolutionizing Tradition: High mast lighting is engineered for extended coverage and minimized shadows. Wider pole spacing reduces visual clutter and enhances visibility, while fewer poles create fewer physical obstacles, ultimately improving safety.

Innovative Technology

Leading-Edge K-COB LED Technology: Our product incorporates cutting-edge K-COB LED technology, setting it apart from the competition.

Superior Illumination: K-COB fixtures disperse light evenly due to their multi-point design. In large-area applications, they provide a consistently distributed light pattern, minimizing variations in light levels across surfaces. With optional low CCT at 2200K, they ensure excellent visibility, even in inclement weather conditions. Experience superior color temperature and light uniformity, enhancing visibility on your site.

Ideal for Large Areas

Tailor-Made for Vast Spaces: These lights are custom-designed for large areas, making them the ultimate choice for effectively illuminating expansive spaces.

Versatility in Applications: From sports fields to parking lots and industrial areas, these lights adapt to a variety of settings, ensuring optimal visibility in every situation.

Energy Savings

Smart Energy Solutions: Our LED flood lights are engineered with energy savings in mind, significantly reducing operational costs. K-COB LED high mast lights come in wattages ranging from 800 to 1000 watts, resulting in a remarkable 60%-80% reduction in energy consumption.

Cost-Efficient and Long-Lasting: Thanks to the unique packaging pattern of K-COB chips, they degrade slowly over time. These chips maintain their output over the years, ensuring no decay for at least five years. This extended lifetime significantly reduces maintenance costs for exterior high mast light fixtures, making them a cost-efficient choice over the long term.

Quality Assurance


  •  Introduction to the CAS CERAMIC

Established in 2013, CAS Ceramics has dedicated years of research to optimize phosphor ceramics. Our unwavering commitment is to provide customers with high-performance and highly reliable LED lighting solutions at competitive prices.

  •  Certifications and Quality Standards

We consistently adhere to the industry’s highest quality and performance standards. CAS CERAMIC products not only meet but exceed relevant certifications and quality benchmarks, ensuring that you receive lighting solutions that are both efficient and dependable across a wide range of applications. Our brand is synonymous with a well-earned reputation for quality and reliability.

Durability and Longevity

  •  Endurance in Every Detail

Our CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights are meticulously engineered for lasting performance. Crafted from robust materials with a relentless focus on durability, these lights are well-prepared to endure various environmental challenges. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, moisture, or physical wear and tear, our lights are built to withstand it all, ensuring a dependable and enduring lighting solution for your specific needs.

  •  Exceptional LED Light Longevity

When you opt for CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights, you’re making an investment in sustained performance. These LED lights come with an impressive operational lifespan, boasting an average duration of over 50,000 hours. This extended lifespan not only reduces the frequency of replacements but also significantly cuts down on maintenance costs. CAS CERAMIC lights prove to be a cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting solution for your applications, delivering reliable illumination that you can count on for years to come.

Led High Mast Flood Lights

Why Opt for CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights

Key Reasons to Choose Our Product

When considering high-mast LED flood lights, CAS CERAMIC K-COB stands out for several compelling reasons:

  •  Unparalleled Brightness: Elevate your environment with exceptional brightness that surpasses traditional lighting solutions, ensuring your space is brilliantly illuminated.
  •  Cutting-Edge Technology: Our K-COB LED technology guarantees superior illumination and uniform light distribution, enhancing visibility and safety.
  •  Versatile Application: Whether illuminating expansive areas or diverse environments like sports fields, parking lots, or industrial spaces, these lights seamlessly adapt to your unique lighting needs.
  •  Remarkable Energy Efficiency: Our smart energy solutions lead to significant cost savings, with wattages ranging from 800 to 1000 watts, resulting in a substantial 60%-80% reduction in energy consumption.

Reinforcing the Advantages and Unique Features

Reiterating the benefits and distinctive features of CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights:

  •  Exceptional Brightness: Transform your surroundings with unmatched brilliance, fostering safety and visual appeal.
  •  Innovative K-COB Technology: The K-COB LED technology ensures consistent light distribution, regardless of the fixture’s distance, guaranteeing superior visibility. Optional low CCT at 2200K enhances visibility during inclement weather conditions.
  •  Adaptability: Whether your lighting needs extend to sports fields, parking lots, or industrial areas, these lights are meticulously designed to accommodate diverse lighting requirements.
  •  Energy Efficiency: Experience substantial energy savings with wattages ranging from 800 to 1000 watts, resulting in a substantial reduction in operational costs.

Light Up Your Space with CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights

CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights stand as a beacon of innovation, offering brilliant illumination with exceptional durability. With a commitment to quality, cutting-edge technology, and versatile applications, these lights outperform traditional solutions, making them the optimal choice for large-area lighting needs. Their energy-saving capabilities and extended lifespan ensure not only cost efficiency but also a sustainable lighting solution for years to come.

Choose CAS CERAMIC for the promise of enduring brightness, unmatched quality, and a future of reliable, eco-friendly illumination. Illuminate your space with confidence, knowing that you have selected a superior lighting solution that caters to both your immediate and long-term lighting requirements. Experience the brilliance of CAS CERAMIC K-COB High Mast LED Flood Lights today

Post time: Nov-07-2023

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