Stadium lighting six kinds of court-specific lights glare energy and harm brief analysis

First, The biggest factor affecting the quality of sports stadium lighting is: the glare energy and hazards of stadium lighting!

1.Civil indoor badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc., sports venues Lighting design indicators, there are two main aspects

●  Horizontal and vertical illuminance values and uniformity of the site
●  The quality of light color quality of the stadium special lighting


The quality of venue lighting design, the specific content of the following five main aspects.

① no glare hazards: venue lighting is not harsh, not shiny, not dazzling. For the ball flying in the air. Body, no glare hazard effect, see, see clearly, see the real.
② no strobe effect hazards: the stadium lighting does not fluctuate, smooth and stable. Badminton and other spheres in the air. The flight trajectory of the real, accurate air positioning. The ball can be seen and played accurately.
③ sunlight color: arena lighting light color pure white bright, equivalent to about 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The sunlight. High visible light energy, high visual brightness, visual objects bright, clear.
④ high display performance: arena lighting stadium lighting, light color is pure, not cyan, not red.
⑤ Stadium space and object color is pure and true. Visual object color is true and comfortable.
⑥ high illumination day uniformity: the venue horizontal illumination and vertical illumination, to reach the arena lighting design Lux value, and illumination uniformity. Venue lighting without shadows, no zebra effect, ground and space bright.

Stadium light

2.of the five indicators of the quality of sports venue lighting design. Field illuminance and uniformity are purely physical quantities, is to have the lighting design scheme and lighting pattern decision. As long as the use of matrix-type uniform lighting design Program, light spacing, you can achieve a high degree of illumination and uniformity.

3.the venue lighting  four light color quality content, then focus on the expression of the venue lighting design, human The visual perception of human-centered factors. Stadium lighting, visual perception of comfortable light and color, is the real quality of excellent The quality of lighting.

4.excellent quality of light and color, is to determine the quality of the court lighting and the effect of the leading factors up and down. This is the most important, but also the greatest impact on the quality of the arena lighting indicators are: the glare of the stadium special lighting

Light energy and glare hazard level.

Second, a brief analysis of the glare hazards of the six stadium lighting special lights.

Field lighting glare hazards, is the negative visual effects of stadium lighting. Performance for sports lighting shake the eyes, the
Blinding, dazzling. Playing people only see a dazzling light curtain, can not see the sphere flying in the air.
Stadium lighting glare hazards, one reason is that the stadium lighting has glare energy. The greater the glare energy
The greater the glare energy, the more serious the glare hazard. The second reason is that the radiation characteristics of the court lighting and the reflective characteristics of the lampshade
The match is low. The lower the match, the greater the degree of glare hazard.


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