The tens of millions of Sea Trawler set sail! Green squid, squid, and bonito are on the market in large quantities!


The sky began to darken, and people on the land began to finish their day's work, but for the fishermen on the fishing boats with lights, the busiest time of the day has just arrived.

The boss of the boat found a school of fish and told him to stop the boat and turn on the lights. The transparent hull, as if suspended in the void, attracted fish to approach the fishing boat, and then turned off the lights. Several light boats were launched into the water and stopped around the fishing boat. The light on the light boat began to light up, becoming the only light source nearby. At this moment, the fish in the sea gathered around the light source, and the fish school became more concentrated. About half an hour later, the crew began to collect the nets and collected the caught fish through the hanging nets.


He has been fishing since he was a teenager. The 58-year-old captain Lao Hong is an authentic fisherman. He said: "Light fishing boats operate at night and use the 'phototaxis' of animals. The scope of operation of the fishing boat is small, and the types of fish are relatively simple.” There are two types of fishing boats operating with lights, one is to go back and forth every day, mainly in the southern Fujian waters; the other is to wait until it is full before returning, usually in Zhejiang Sea area operation. Generally, light fishing boats can hold thousands of tons of fish



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