What are the lighting requirements for sports field lights and the standards for lighting selection and arrangement?

In order to give full play to the strength of players on the football field, it is necessary to avoid the appearance of shadows, which requires lighting to cooperate. In football games, professional football field lighting fixtures are particularly important, and what impact will football field lighting fixtures have on the lighting effect? The following will give you the analysis.


1) Horizontal uniformity of football stadium lights

The horizontal light intensity is the value measured when the light meter is placed horizontally in the mid-air of the sports field. It is generally used to measure and calculate the data related to the maximum value, minimum value and average value of the light intensity of the sports field.


3) Vertical light intensity of football stadium lights

The vertical light intensity of the sports field camera. The vertical light intensity means the light intensity of the player going up vertically. The vertical light intensity is good for capturing close-ups of momentary movements in motion during the game, especially facial expressions. The footage was captured by cameras at the sports site. Large changes in vertical light intensity will result in poor video quality. The designer must comprehensively consider the stability of the light intensity in all directions to reduce the instability of the light intensity when shooting with the sports field camera


4).Color temperature of football stadium lights

Color temperature is a feeling or phenomenon that describes the warmth (red) or cold (blue) that the light intensity highlights, and the unit is Kelvin (TK). With the digital camera technology at the door, the camera can be adjusted according to the specific color temperature contrast to obtain the desired satisfactory color quality. For all event-level outdoor sports venues, TK ≥ 4000 meets the requirements.

5) Color rendering index of football stadium lights

Color rendering index is the level at which artificial lighting sources simulate natural light. In fact, the specified color rendering index is in the range of Ra20-Ra100. The higher the color rendering index, the better the light color effect.

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Post time: Mar-28-2022

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