What kind of led COB Tunnel Lighting is good for tunnel & underpass?

One of the greatest challenges of tunnel and underpass lighting systems is their ability to support drivers’ visual perceptions—both day and night—from the point of entry through to the point of exit. Effective tunnel and underpass lighting, therefore, requires consistent light levels throughout the structure for safe passage.

These are also highly corrosive environments requiring sealed and durable luminaires. Due to heavy traffic and fluctuations in weather and climate, tunnel fixtures are continually exposed to water, dirt, road salt, exhaust fumes, brake dust and other corrosive agents.

K-cob tunnel lights are designed by a team of professional lighting engineer.

The housing is compact and using private modeling,IP level is 65.

The light source was certificated by 4 core international patent. Exclusive single phosphor-ceramic light source, 55 ,000 hrs lifespan, LM-80 approved.

The heatsink use muti-phase changing technology to reduce the passionation quickly.

The lens use the High Boron Glass material to achieved Various light distribution,and protect glass lens stay away from dust due to the smooth surface.

And it use top brand driver which is produced by Inventronics and Meanwell.

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Post time: Mar-24-2022

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