Why the street lights is flickering and buzzing?

Why the street lights is flickering and buzzing

Expert advice on how to stop your LED lights flickering, buzzing or burning out.

LED street light is mainly composed of the LED light source (also known as LED lamp beads), LED power supply (also known as LED Drive, transformer), housing, waterproof gasket, and water-proof glue.


So on this page, K-COB led lighting expert also gave us some solutions that can solve the common issue experienced when switching the led lights.

The best start is to buy high-quality street lighting. If the street lighting can't work, The main reason must be the led light source and driver. If you have the tool, please use it to check both, then you will figure it out. 

In the next, let's look the general reason of led lighting can't work as normal.

1. The power supply is broken, and it maybe can't get through the electrical: As we know the power supply provides a stable working voltage for the light source. If it's broken, then the lights can't work.

2. The light source is broken, and it can't be lighted on. Firstly, please check whether there is a black spot in the middle of the light source or not. If you find it, obviously the light source is broken. it causes the black spot for two reasons: 1) For long time working, the phosphorous powder is degradation&failed. 2) The current of the DRIVER is too high (causes the power supply to be unstable, or the quality of the light source is poor), which is caused by the open circuit or necrosis of the lamp beads.

3. Welding of the wire solder joints causes no electricity: the integrated lamp beads in the floodlight are connected to two wires, whether the lamp beads are soldered, fake soldered, or cold soldered, whether the power input wire has loose connections or open circuits, etc. , Check the connection of the drive, Whether the line is damaged.

4. The street lighting got water inside. This is because the waterproof treatment is not done properly. This result may cause the light source and power supply to burn. This is basically no rescue. If you understand it well, you can change the light source and power supply, if necessary please contact the manufacturer for after-sales service, the main reason is that the quality is not good enough.

If the led street lights are broken, can I repair them by myself?

The LED street light can be repaired, and you can ask a manufacturer that specializes in LED light to help repair it. Of course, most companies are not willing to repair, because repairing a lamp is difficult than producing lights.

It is recommended to buy street lights with slightly better quality when buying. Of course, good-quality lamps will be more expensive! Good lamp manufacturers will have a warranty of more than 2 years, and the manufacturers will solve it for you during the warranty period.


How to identify poor-quality street lights?

1. Check the material of lights. Heat dissipation depends on the material of led chips and heat sink. Choose aerospace polymer materials, which have excellent heat dissipation performance, high-temperature resistance, and electric shock resistance, and are more portable.

At present, the luminous efficiency utilization rate of high-power LEDs is limited, and most of the remaining energy is converted into thermal energy. If the heat energy cannot be effectively discharged, it will directly affect the lifespan of the led, so heat dissipation is very important. When purchasing, be sure to choose a good heat sink street light! K-COB LED street light with patent LED Chips which passed LM-80 test and the heat sink is Multi-Phase changing(optional) heat-sink, provide good reliability;

2. Check the wattage of led lights. Some manufacturers can't achieve this high of 100w, and may only be 75w or 85w, commonly known as 0.75w and 0.85 watts. To test the power, just buy a multimeter and actually measure it. Light source chip quality

In order to reduce cost and improve competitiveness, manufacturers use low-quality lamp beads with insufficient W. Under the flick of the seller, you can count that the number of integrated lamp beads is indeed enough. There are so many chips in it, but the size is very small.

The brightness is very low. This is the phenomenon that people often say that there are two shortfalls, but some consumers may not be able to check it out without professional tools.

3. Check the seal: Is the waterproofing done well? If the seal is done well, water will not easily enter. That is to say, the waterproof performance is good. As long as the lamp housing is good, and with a good sealing strip, the waterproof level must be above IP65.

It is rain-proof and moisture-proof for external use. K-COB LED street lights with Separate Maintainance chamber: better protection for the electrical components inside, IP65 standard;

4. Check the power supply/driver: It may be disassembled to look at the power supply. In order to save costs, some manufacturers do not add a waterproof epoxy resin in the power supply, and the power supply is waterproof. The power supply is assembled from a lot of electronic parts, after assembly

Aging and testing are required before assembling into a street light.

The life of the power supply directly affects the overall life of the lamp. Please consult the merchant about the various parameters of the drive, such as output voltage and current, working temperature, protection level, etc. The best brand of the driver is Inventronics driver and Meanwell driver with good reliability. All K-COB led lights are used these two brands to assure the quality of lights.

5. Check the technology of led light production: The quality of finished street light is related to the power supply, light source and sealing strip, cable thickness, use of thermal grease, and the level of workmanship (attentiveness, welding process) of the workers. Workers in small workshops do not wash their hands. The manufacturer must have ISO9001 certificated. K-cob led made the ISO9001 every year, we do have dust-free workshops and a neat production line to keep a stable quality for every product.

Frankly speaking, although the initial cost of buying high-quality LED street lights is a little bit higher than common SMD and MHL LED STREET LIGHT, you will recognize this is not the problem because it lasts longer and saves energy!

K-COB LED light has the service of 50,000 to 80,000 hours, we can compare this value with 1,000 to 2,000 hours incandescent bulbs. Plus, the power consumption of LED is approx. 1/10 of incandescent to generate the same brightness.

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